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Buy Authentic Kashmir Handlooms and Handicrafts.

Kashmir Crewel
Connecting you to Kashmir's most beautiful products.
We are about bringing the world a little closer together. We create the best designs from our artisans and craftsmen from all over Kashmir, and deliver them at exceptional value to our members. Everyday, visit us to discover a new story. We don't like to call them sales. We are storytellers; about amazing product, and the people behind them.

Kashmir crewel focuses on products with unique, high quality craftsmanship; unmistakably local designs that feel at home anywhere in the world. Our products include home decor, vintage items and more. At Kashmir crewel we are passionate about helping you design and decorate your homes with colorful luxury designer crewel curtains, pillows, duvets, upholsterers.
Empowering the artisan community is fundamental to our core values. Their livelihood to a certain extent depends on us. It's only possible with exceptionally skilled artisans who spend months together to create a masterpiece crewel furnishing items to add an exquisite appeal to clients beautiful homes, our artisans make sure every step is carried out in perfection. It is only after spending years that our artisans have mastered the skills and hence create such beautiful home furnishing products that are unparalleled, rare and exquisite.
Once only touched by the bear hands of artisans, Kashmiri crewel was worst hit in the 2000's when wealthy traders began to produce crewel through machines. Even though machine were banned by the government, but traders managed doing so illegally. This cast a negative affect on the entire industry as machine items were less durable, cheap and easily available like any other curtains and upholstery, And the people who had to worst bear the brunt of machines and power loom were the artisan community. Artisans who worked with hands lost jobs, were considered inefficient, and faced indifference from government, customers and the profit centric middlemen alike. Customers from foreign countries used to throng our shops, but now just a few patrons of handmade visit or buy.
Thanks to online platforms like ETSY who focussed on handmade items only and gave us an opportunity to showcase our products at no cost.
With no middle men, no machine made items and no supply chains, we are directly communicate with lovers of handmade clients via ETSY and understand the client needs and work according to their custom designs. We now believe online platforms like ETSY we will be able to pay artisans good compensation on time for their remarkable jobs. Moreover, its just handmade which is given preference here in our ethical model of online selling. we will change the condition of crewel and take it back to the memorable days when the craft was at its zenith. 
It was this magnificence and splendour associate with crewel which made it the favorite amongst kings, queen and other nobles.

Our Mission

At Kashmir crewel we are passionate about helping you design and decorate your homes with colorful luxury designer crewel curtains, pillows, duvets, upholsterers.

Our Values

We strive to go above and beyond for our clients no matter the challenge. We aim to deliver our very best work every single day across our services.

“Kashmir Crewel Mart has an amazing team of hard working professionals. It has been a pleasure to meet them.”

Emily Davis