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Red velvet floral embroidery crewel curtain with lining


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Crewel the finest craftsmanship in the world.

We truly believe that ‘your home is a reflection of you’, and that is the reason we provide our customers with an dazzling range of premium quality crewel curtains, table covers, cushion covers, and a wide range of other home accessories.

About this item
These timeless classic crewel curtains will decorate your home with fresh effect, delicate hand embroidery pattern adds an aesthetic look to decked out graceful and chic appearance to any space, creating a festive mood, perfectly match any home styles.
Product Details:
Size: Width 54 inch
Design: Mughal Garden

The vivid beauty and the attractive glamour on a luxurious crewel has a very humble beginning. Let’s take you deep into the journey of this unbelievable craft, right from England where from it is conjured, through narrow valleys of Kashmir, to luxury stores all across the world.
Crewel weaving and the intricate embroidery has always been a very laborious work. The number of man hours put in through all these stages is astonishing. Crewel is the delicate art of hand-weaving premium fabrics like cotton dusoot-velvet and silk use into deluxe crewel curtains-drapes-bed-throws-cushion-covers-sofa covers and many other home furnishing accessories. The elegant art form specializes in uniform and consistent stitches done patiently with fine thread knots. In Kashmir, crewel embroidery has been a timeless art, mostly done by skilled craftsmen in the valley of Kashmir. The most traditional crewel design features a style known as the modern-cotemporary and Jacobean style. It features abstract, portraits, camouflage, paisley, floral and animal motifs, with vines and leaves twining about. From traditional motifs like lotuses and the tree of life to fanciful flowers perceived only in the imagination, modern Kashmiri artisans have created refreshing modern works interpreted in the palette of colored silks and wool. You see water lilies on royal ponds, hidden gardens, and wild nature portrayed in heart-stopping color and sheen. Flowers have always conveyed a deep meaning to people throughout the ages, and these artistic representations, interpreted into art for crewel curtains have much to say.

We do custom sizes also with any design of curtain headings.

Our crewel curtains are made of high quality fabric Like 2 ply cotton dusoot, 2 ply velvet that is resistant to shrinkage. Being premium silk dupion fabric it does not shrink on repeated washes and its color remains same. The color of the crewel curtains does not fade away as the other material curtains does. It is a delicate art and needs to be cared for properly. Over time your fabric may become dirty requiring it to be cleaned. Most crewel fabrics are suggested to be professionally dry cleaned to avoid dye bleeding from the embroidery yarns.

We manufacture our products with proper care and safety measures. Please contact us if you meet any quality issues, we provide best customer service for our customers .if you face any type of issue related to our products you can get in touch with us.


1 panel W 54 x L 65, 1 panel W 54 x L 75, 1 panel W 54 x L 85, 1 panel W 45 x L 55, 1 panel W 45 x L 70, 1 pair tie backs


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